Getafe football deal chief Rafiq changes CV

Kaiser Rafiq, the managing director and partner of Royal Emirates group, yesterday published a new CV that was dramatically changed from a previous version that was found to contain inaccuracies.

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Kaiser Rafiq, the managing director and partner of Royal Emirates Group, has published a new CV on the internet after several institutions listed on a version last week denied any involvement with him.

Mr Rafiq, whose company announced a deal to buy the Spanish La Liga football team Getafe for as much as €90 million (Dh481.3m) on Thursday, said afterwards there had been a "miscommunication" about the relationship he had with several companies on his CV. He declined to comment about the change yesterday.

On the new CV, he replaced a line about being a sales director for the property developer Toll Brothers and the vice president of sales and marketing at Trump Organisation in New York with a three-year job as director and partner of A to Z Consultants where he "worked with all major real estate developers including Trump Organisation and Toll Brothers".

An official at Trump Organisation last week denied ever hearing of Mr Rafiq.

Mr Rafiq also replaced a section about being the chief executive of the UAE office of Prudential Real Estate, which he had described as an "American-based largest real estate brokerage", with an entry on his time as a partner of Prudential Brokerage with no reference to the US company.

He added a new company, Mega Sound, where he said he produced films for Zee TV USA. The country manager for Zee TV USA had refuted Mr Rafiq was a previous country manager, as he had said on the old version of the CV.

Mr Rafiq said he was the chief executive of Multinational House, a company that "successfully completed the project in Pakistan namely Project USAT 786" between February 2004 and January 2006. The entry has a recommendation from Issac Wright, the "VP Global Citizen Ship" for the Middle East for Microsoft, calling Mr Rafiq a "great negotiator, leader, presenter, and team player concurrently". However, the corporate office of Microsoft in Dubai said there was no one employed under that name or with that title.

Mr Rafiq did not remove references to a doctorate degree at New York University or a business degree from Yale University, despite both institutions saying last week they had no record of his attendance. He did, however, remove a reference to the subject of his purported PhD - "operations management" - and his membership at Yale of the "Skull & Bone", a reference to the secretive Skull & Bones society renowned for its elite membership.

The new CV was posted after Angel Torres, the president of Getafe, told reporters in Madrid the team had not yet been sold. Mr Rafiq said on Saturday night Royal Emirates "reaffirmed" it had bought the team and expected a press conference announcing the deal in Spain at 6pm today.