Emirates project captures spectacular footage from above Dubai

Airline partners with plane maker Boeing on project to showcase footage of 18 destinations on its route network using drones.

Emirates and Boeing have partnered together to sponsor ‘View from Above’. Courtesy Emirates
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Dubai’s Emirates airline and plane maker Boeing have partnered to sponsor a project that has seen 18 destinations worldwide captured on film by flying drones.

The View From Above project includes dramatic overhead footage from each sponsors’ homes cities of Dubai and Seattle, as well as views from Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, and a range of countries within Emirates’ route network including Italy, Germany, Ireland, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, as well as the Indian Ocean resorts of the Maldives and Seychelles.

More than 13 qualified drone pilots from around the world helped to make the film, which was produced and directed by MOFILM. Footage from Dubai was provided by Dubai Film.

The aerial capabilities of drones and their ability to operate precisely within tight space meant footage could be shot that would have been impossible to achieve using helicopters or planes. In Japan, the drones fly between cherry blossom trees and in Dubai they get close to famous landmarks such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina and the Atlantis Hotel.

The footage of Dubai and other destinations can be viewed here

Boutros Boutros, the senior vice president of corporate communications for Emirates, said: “The beautifully crafted films produced for this project not only feature destinations within our network in a stunning new light, but also utilise innovative technologies in creative ways to produce dramatic footage. We hope that people are inspired by these unique films.”

Jerry Varghese, vice president of global brand marketing for Boeing, added: “The combination of technology, art and innovation to bring about these fabulous vignettes of Emirates’ destinations around the world is remarkable.”


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