Dealer launches UAE's largest used car business

As the market for used cars continues to grow in the UAE one car dealership has launched the biggest pre-owned sales business in the Emirates.

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Arabian Automobiles today launched the UAE's largest used car dealership, in a bid to take advantage of the rapidly growing market.

The company, which is the exclusive dealer for Nissan, Renault and Infiniti in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, witnessed sales growth of 40 per cent in used cars last year.

It now aims to improve professionalism through a programme, run by Nissan, which certifies used cars as road worthy.

Speaking at the inauguration of the facility, Michel Ayat, chief executive of Arabian Automobiles, said the pre-owned car market was becoming "very lucrative."

"We have realised that the market is not marginal, it's now one of our core businesses," he said.

The Dubai-based showroom houses 350 cars and each will be certified through Nissan's scheme.

Any Nissan, Renault and Infiniti cars that are brought into the showroom will have to prove three criteria to be eligible for the scheme: vehicles will have to be less than five years old, have less that 80km on the clock and have not experienced major damage to the chassis.

If these boxes are ticked, the car will undergo a further service of 145 check points and experience a complete reconditioning, including of the tyres and the breaks.

Each car will come with a one-year warranty, roadside assistance and free oil changes.

The surety of the used car will come at a cost though, as Arabian Automobiles will add a premium to the price offered by small independent used car dealers, who do not hold the Nissan guarantee.