Movie review: Blue Crush 2

The surfing clichés are tiresome but there's some nice South African scenery to look at.

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Blue Crush 2 Director: Mike Elliott Starring: Sasha Jackson, Elizabeth Mathis, Sharni Vinson

If they set out with the intention of referencing every surfing cliché imaginable, then the makers of Blue Crush 2 have certainly succeeded, dude.

Free-spirited adventurers talk of riding the waves and living the dream, while taking time out to build campfires and frolic in the sand, peppering their speech with phrases such as gnarly, kook and rip.

Dana is a belligerent surfer girl from California who, after a fight with her wealthy father, tosses her sun-bleached blonde waves over her shoulder, packs up her Quiksilver-inspired wardrobe and stomps all the way to South Africa, with the intention of following in her (now deceased) mother's surfing footsteps.

When she arrives, Dana quickly hooks up with a brood of suitably bohemian wave riders. From then on, things happen at speed: she forms instant friendships, falls in and out of love and uncovers an ivory-poaching operation - an event that is quickly glossed over and never returned to, lest it interfere with the superficial feel of the movie.

The storyline feels contrived, there are numerous gaps in the plot and the characters are both one-dimensional and not particularly likeable. If you do end up watching this film, I very much advise using the mute button.

That way, you render the melodrama and relationship angst inaudible and soak up the often impressive shots of the South African coast line and big-wave surfing in peace.