The Collection

The Collection is more than just a Saw knock-off - it manages to craft a genuinely scary story.

Courtesy LD Entertainment
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The Collection
Director: Marcus Dunstan
Starring: Emma Fitzpatrick, Josh Stewart

Josh Stewart returns in this sequel to The Collector, leading a team of mercenaries back into the maze created by the terrifying Collector in order to save a young woman's life.

It would be easy to dismiss this as just another torture movie in the mould of Saw or Hostel; however, Dunstan does something few films like this achieve - he builds on the first film for this one to become more engaging.

He takes a character he knows well and leads him in a new direction, creating a greater sense of terror and sidestepping a lot of horror clichés, partially aided by a strong performance from the film's returning protagonist Stewart. While at its essence a trashy horror, The Collection offers a few surprises, nothing short of miraculous for a genre so bereft of originality.


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