Garfield Pet Force 3D

Garfield returns in his third forgettable movie, but at least this one will keep the 3D glasses on the kids.

Garfield's Pet Force 3D

Directors: Mark AZ Dippé, Kyung Ho Lee

Starring (Voices of): Frank Welker, Gregg Berger, Audrey Wasilewski

Not even the comic tones of Bill Murray could save the woeful first big screen Garfield adventure, and the less said about its sequel, A Tail of Two Kitties, the better.

However, this latest big screen incarnation of the comic strip cat is completely CGI animated and features the feline in 3D.

The action takes place in Cartoon World, an alternate reality Garfield and his friends enter when their superhero counterparts, the "Pet Force", are thrown into peril by the evil Vetvix.

Although his friends all agree to become superheroes to save the day, Garfield sees the task as too much work, but as his friends struggle to defeat the forces of evil, America's laziest cat must put his lethargy aside to save the day.

Those hoping for a faithful, witty adaptation of a beloved character will be disappointed, as this is a very crudely brought together CGI children's romp that flies by at a brisk 75 minutes without leaving much of an impression.

The addition of 3D brings out some mildly entertaining "shoots out of the screen" moments, and there is the occasional clever reference to sci-fi classics such as Star Wars for the adults in the audience to spot.

Overall, however, this is perhaps at best a diverting, brief trip to the cinema that will keep very young viewers happy during the wait for the big studio family films.

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