Hanks on Banks: Elizabeth Banks starts new celebrity meme inspired by Elf on the Shelf

The American actress kickstarted the social media trend and more stars have shared their versions

Elizabeth Hanks has started an Elf on the Shelf-style meme, with Hanks on Banks; Mark Ruffalo followed suit with Stark on Mark. Instagram 
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Most of us have heard of the Elf on the Shelf, but have you heard of Hanks on Banks?

Pitch Perfect star Elizabeth Banks has kickstarted a new celebrity meme inspired by the festive book and tradition, with stars rhyming their names with other A-listers or characters, and sharing photoshopped images of the rhyming duos.

Banks launched the meme with a mini version of Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump perched upon her shoulder.

A testament to the speed of A-list stars' social media executives and their Photoshop skills, Reese Witherspoon was hot on the heels of Banks.

The Big Little Lies star offered up Grease on Reese, with a dancing Sandy and Danny from the film Grease on her shoulder.

The majority of stars have chosen posed red carpet snaps of themselves, with an insert of a celebrity cut-out from a film still.

We also have Pascal on Gal (Pedro and Gadot), Penn on Jen (Sean and Garner) and, a personal favourite, Denzel on Menzel (Washington and Idina).

Here is a round up of all the stars taking part in Elizabeth Banks's Elf of a Shelf meme challenge:

Mark Ruffalo's Stark on Mark

Gal Gadot's Pascal on Gal

Jennifer Garner's Penn on Jen

Bryce Dallas Howard's Miami Vice on Bryce

Debra Messing's Ness on Mess

Anne Hathaway's Janney on Annie

Zooey Deschanel's Bowie on Zooey

Kyle MacLachlan's Styles on Kyle

Tiffany Smith's Sith on Smith

Michelle Branch's Blanche on Branch

Leslie Jordan's Corden on Jordan

For those inevitably asking, mine would be (Rooney) Mara on Farah. Photoshop away ...