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Fashion notes: Purses make for safe splurges

Buy the bags – not the shoes. That’s because, as women age, many notice their shoe sizes increasing.
 Valentino. Getty Images
Valentino. Getty Images

An editor in our newsroom recently gave me some disheartening but eye-opening advice: if you’re going to invest in designer accessories, buy the bags – not the shoes. That’s because, as women age, many notice their shoe sizes increasing – thus rendering the shoe splurges of their youth, perceived to be lifelong investments, all of a sudden uncomfortable, and in some cases, unwearable.

Having just purchased a pair of Gucci’s new backless Princetown loafers, (the result of months of internal debate, locally sold-out sizes and ultimately, an international online order) I found this news quite despairing. After a bit of research, I found that some women even find that their feet go up a size during pregnancy – and that unlike weight gain during pregnancy, the change is a permanent one.

Designer shoes are not common in my shoe collection. In fact, the Gucci pair is a first, sitting in a dustbag on a shelf amid buys from Topshop, Puma and Aldo. And after being enlightened with this knowledge, it’ll probably be my last shoe splurge, too.

There’s a clear lesson here, for like-minded women who assume that expensive splurges are worth the money, since they will be used or worn for the rest of our lives. Stay content with footwear from the high street, and allocate your fashion savings towards handbags instead.

Shoe size issues aside, handbags are safer in terms of splurges, since they don’t get as visibly dirty, and since comfort isn’t really a factor. They may be more costly, but, when properly cared for, they really will last you a lifetime.

So, when Valentino unveils a collection of studded accessories in new colourways, be smart. Look past the pointed flats and stilettos, which may not fit beyond your 30s, and opt for a practical bag instead.


Updated: November 15, 2016 04:00 AM