Abrahamic Family House programming aims to foster interfaith dialogue

From panel discussions to workshops, the Saadiyat Island complex will look at the role of religious teachings in shaping the world

The Abrahamic Family House programming calendar aims to inspire the public to think about global challenges through a religous lens. Photo: The Abrahamic Family House
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Interfaith complex, The Abrahamic Family House on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, has announced a programme of panel discussions and events under the themes of coexistence and faith.

Community leaders, academics, religious figures and artists will gather over the coming months to present a number of sessions including workshops, group discussions, film screenings, poetry and literature readings to the public.

The aim of the Abrahamic Family House programming calendar is for the public to share and exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences across cultures, faiths and generations and explore how these ideas can influence culture, arts and global challenges.

The programme will begin on September 21 with a panel titled Rethinking Sustainability and Peace through a Spiritual Lens. The session will explore a number of religious teachings and theological principles behind sustainable living practices all of which are present in Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Language Exchange is a session which will be held on September 25 where the community can learn and discover each other’s cultures through language.

On September 27, a panel titled Art Symbolisms Across Faith Traditions will look into the impact of art and calligraphy across the three Abrahamic religions, highlighting the relationships between art, religious experiences, spiritual growth and awareness.

Other highlights of the programme, whose dates are yet to be announced, include a community gardening workshop which teaches participants how to grow and maintain sustainable community gardens; Conversations, a monthly activity for high school pupils to engage in informal open discussions about each other’s faiths and backgrounds; and a monthly book club for adults and children to inspire discussions and nurture storytelling.

The Abrahamic Family House already maintains an active schedule of community events and activities including The Peace Cafe, an ongoing initiative where community members can explore solutions to global challenges.

To learn more about The Abrahamic Family House programme and to register your attendance visit: www.abrahamicfamilyhouse.ae

Updated: September 20, 2023, 8:56 AM