A wave of security

Surfers doing their part to volunteer after three drowned in Dubai last week is a commendable volunteer effort.

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Looking out for members of one's own community is commendable under any circumstance. Putting your own safety on the line to save the lives of others in extreme circumstance is above and beyond the call of duty.

As we reported yesterday, leading surfers in Dubai are planning to set up a voluntary lifeguard system that will keep a watchful eye on the city's beachgoers. Six prominent surfers have decided to launch the Surfers Save Lives campaign after three people drowned in separate incidents while swimming in rough seas in Dubai last week.

"Surfers are strong swimmers and knowledgeable about currents," said Saeed al Abbar, an Emirati surfer. "We are usually in the waters surfing when conditions are bad, and we should do our bit as a community."

This brave step shows the extent to which many dedicated groups are prepared to improve conditions in their communities. This should encourage others, especially non-surfers, to learn about the currents and proper procedures to carry out in case of emergencies.

While this initiative focuses on Dubai's beaches, implementing the programme effectively can have a positive ripple effect across other communities in the Emirates.