US midterm results 2022 as it happened: control of Congress still up for grabs

Georgia heads to run-off as Republicans move closer to winning House of Representatives

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Latest: Republican control of US House probable but Senate a toss-up

Both chambers of the US Congress were in play on Friday morning as ballots continued to be counted in the key battleground states of Arizona and Nevada as the US Senate race in Georgia heads to a run-off.

Democratic incumbent senators in the two south-western states were in tight races against their Republican opponents to win re-election. A party can win control of the Senate should they win Arizona and Nevada. If not, the run-off in Georgia, scheduled for December, will decide the upper chamber's fate.

Meanwhile, the Republican party edged closer to a majority in the House of Representatives. But speculation of a “red wave” did not come to fruition for the Republicans who may only narrowly win the lower chamber.

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Updated: November 16, 2022, 11:19 AM