Mike Tyson filmed apparently punching airline passenger

Mobile phone footage shows the boxer appearing to deliver a flurry of punches after reportedly being provoked

Mike Tyson was about to fly out of San Francisco when the incident took place. Photo: AFP
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A mobile phone video filmed on a plane appears to show Mike Tyson repeatedly punching a fellow passenger in the face after the man reportedly provoked the boxer in his seat.

The incident occurred while Tyson was preparing to fly out of San Francisco International Airport to Florida on Wednesday night, TMZ reported.

A witness told the celebrity news site that the boxer took a selfie with the passenger.

The passenger, seated behind Tyson, apparently irritated the boxer by continuing to talk to him after Tyson asked him to calm down.

Tyson could then be seen in the video footage delivering what appeared to be a flurry of punches to the passenger's face. TMZ reported the man struck by Tyson was "extremely intoxicated" and would not stop "provoking" him.

US police, the JetBlue airline and Tyson's representatives made no immediate comment on Thursday.

The boxing legend exited the plane shortly afterwards.

Video obtained by TMZ shows the passenger's bloody head after the incident. He reportedly received medical attention and reported the incident to the police.

Neither the passenger nor Tyson appeared to wear a mask on the plane. A US federal judge earlier this week struck down a mandate requiring travellers to do so.

Updated: April 21, 2022, 6:24 PM