External UAE embassy staff in London admit stealing cash from safes

British security staff admit plot to take money and passports from London embassy

LONDON 6th October 2014. Southwark Crown Court in London on the opening day of the trial for the hammer attack on three Emirati sisters was adjourned.  Stephen Lock for The National  FOR NATIONAL

A security chief and a former British commando have admitted stealing confidential documents from the UAE embassy in London.

Dean Manister, 51, the former head of security, and ex-soldier Lee Hurford, 49, broke into the embassy in London’s Belgravia district and stole passports and cash from three safes in September 2018.

The pair denied planning to extort £3 million ($3.9m) from a VIP at the embassy in return for the stolen documents. Prosecutors did not pursue a charge of conspiracy to blackmail.

Manister was not physically involved in the thefts but used the information he had gained as head of security to help Hurford, Southwark Crown Court in central London was told.

“Either Mr Manister had a key still or he still had a password, which he gave to Mr Hurford for overriding the safe,” prosecutor Tyrone Silcott said.

Hurford, who owns a gym in Dubai, was said to have previously stolen £62,040, $9,100 and €500, as well as an embassy security card, while employed by the embassy as a close protection officer.

The men were granted bail on the condition that they did not apply for international travel documents and left their passports with police.

They will be sentenced in June after pleading guilty to theft.

Updated: April 05, 2022, 2:45 PM