You've got to be kidding: Goats invade yoga classes

Across the US, goats bring out the kid in yoga fans

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Yoga classes are popping up across the US  that include playful goats.

At a recent class at Oak Hollow Acres farm in Burlington, Wisconsin, Bear Foot Yoga Healing instructor Megan MacCarthy advised participants to worry less about testing their physical ability and more about sharing their hearts.

She also told suggested that a yoga position usually known as "child's pose" should be renamed "kid pose" - 'kid' being the term for a young goat as well as a human child.

The yoga-with-goat sessions started in June. One of the owners of Oak Hollow Acres farm, Abigail Lippmann, says up to 45 people now come for the classes which now regularly include 15 lively goats climbing and leaping over the participants or simply nuzzling in for a cuddle. And the phenomenon is spreading.

In Massachusetts, Sage Meadow Farm provides goats to Valley Hot Yoga in Easthampton. Farm co-owner Stan McCoy says 2,000 people tried to buy tickets for recent classes. They sold out in four seconds.