Las Vegas shooting: Woman finds mother in hospital with shrapnel through her face

Taylor Hill thanks three men who helped her mother after she was injured

Taylor Hill managed to locate her mother in hospital. Courtesy Taylor Hill
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A woman who is thought to be British has told of her desperate search to find her mother, who had shrapnel blown through her cheek and back.

Taylor Hill, 25, had left the festival just hours earlier when her mother Diane, 51, was caught up in the attack and went missing. Hill posted her story on Facebook.

"My mom, three friends, and I went to the country festival. I had a midterm on Monday and flew home last night. That is the only reason I was not there," she wrote.

"My mom was shot. Two or three men grabbed her and helped her away from the open fire. These men have my undying gratitude! The three friends have been on lock down at the MGM and are safe."


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Hill, who works as a camera and lighting technician for KVCR in San Bernadino, promised to find her mother and bring her back to her home in Corona, California.

"I'm at a loss of words. I'm angry, scared, feeling immeasurable grief and guilt that I should've been there to protect her. God I love you Mom," she wrote. "Not sure how but I will find her and bring her back."

To her intense relief, when she arrived back in Las Vegas, Hill found Diane alive. But she was in an intensive care unit, with shrapnel in her cheek and hip after a bullet had ripped through her face.

"The bullet entered her cheek and exited the same cheek. Through and through... which shattered her jaw and broke the teeth on the impact side," she said. "She has shrapnel in her back. Shrapnel is still in lower back/hip region.

"The injury made her throat swell so she has a tube... She is asleep and on meds. My mom has 9 lives."