Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt issue Qatar-linked terrorism list

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain on Friday issued a list of 59 individuals and 12 entities they say are linked to Qatar over terrorism.

Yousef Al Qaradawi is one of the 59 individuals named by Saudi Arabia. the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain in a new terror list.   Mohammed Dabbous / Reuters
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RIYADH // Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain on Friday issued a list of 59 individuals and 12 entities they say are linked to Qatar over terrorism.

It is the first joint statement issued by the four since severing ties with Doha on Monday.

The new designations came hours after Qatar said it would not “surrender” and rejected any interference in its foreign policy.

“This list is connected to Qatar and serves suspicious agendas in an indication of the duality of Qatar policies,” said the statement from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain.

It shows that Qatar “announces fighting terrorism on one hand and finances and supports and hosts different terrorist organisations on the other hand,” the statement said.

The list includes the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader, Yousef Al Qaradawi, and the 12 entities include the Qatari-funded charities Qatar Charity and Eid Charity.

“The four countries agreed on categorising 59 persons and 12 entities in their list of terrorism,” the statement said, affirming “that they will not be lenient in pursuing” such persons and groups.

In severing diplomatic ties with its Gulf neighbour on Monday, Riyadh accused Doha of supporting groups including some backed by Iran.

It accused Doha of harbouring “terrorist and sectarian groups that aim to destabilise the region, including the Muslim Brotherhood, Daesh and Al Qaeda”.

Among the 18 Qataris named are alleged terrorism financiers as well as prominent businessmen and politicians.

Abdel Hakim Belhadj, a former Libyan Islamist commander, is one of five Libyans listed, while Qaradawi and firebrand Salafi preacher Wagdi Ghoneim are among the 26 Egyptian nationals.

The list also names three Kuwaiti nationals, two Jordanians, two Bahrainis, an Emirati, a Saudi and a Yemeni.

The full list of designated terrorist individuals

1. Khalifa Mohammed Turki Al Subaie, Qatari

2. Abdulmalik Mohammed Yousef Abdulsalam, Jordanian

3. Ashraf Mohammed Youssef Othman Abdulsalam, Jordanian

4. Ibrahim Issa Al Hajji Mohammed Al Baker, Qatari

5. Abdulaziz bin Khalifa Al Attiyah, Qatari

6. Salem Hassan Khalifa Rashid Al Kuwari, Qatari

7. Abdullah Ghanim Muslim Al Khawar, Qatari

8. Saad bin Saad Mohammed Al Kaabi, Qatari

9. Abdullatif bin Abdullah Al Kuwari, Qatari

10. Mohammed Saeed bin Helwan Al Saqatri, Qatari

11. Abdulrahman bin Omair Al Nuaimi, Qatari

12. Abdulwahab Mohammed Abdulrahman Al Humaiqani, Yemeni

13. Khalifa bin Mohammed Al Rabban, Qatari

14. Abdullah bin Khalid Al Thani, Qatari

15. Abdulrahim Ahmad Al Haram, Qatari

16. Hajjaj bin Fahad Hajjaj Mohammed Al Ajmi, Kuwaiti

17. Mubarak Mohammed Al Ajji, Qatari

18. Jaber bin Nasser Al Marri, Qatari

19. Youssef Abdullah Al Qaradawi, Egyptian

20. Mohammed Jassim Al Sulaiti, Qatari

21. Ali bin Abdullah Al Suwaidi, Qatari

22. Hashem Saleh Abdullah Al Awadhi, Qatari

23. Ali Mohammed Mohammed Al Salabi, Libyan

24. Abdulhakim Belhadj, Libyan

25. Al Mahdi Harati, Libyan

26. Ismail Mohammed Mohammed Al Salabi, Libyan

27. Al-Sadiq Abdulrahman Ali Al Gharyani, Libyan

28. Hamad Abdullah Al Fattis Al Mari, Qatari

29. Mohamed Ahmed Shawqi Al Islambouli, Egyptian

30. Tarik Abdulmaujood Ibrahim Al Zomor, Egyptian

31. Mohammed Abdulmaqsoud Mohammed Afifi, Egyptian

32. Mohammed Al Saghir Abdulrahim Mohammed, Egyptian

33. Wajdi Abdulhamid Mohammed Ghonaim, Egyptian

34. Hassan Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Al Doqi Al Houti, Emirati

35. Hakim Ubaisan Al Hamedi Al Mutairi, Saudi/Kuwaiti

36. Abdullah Mohammed Sulaiman Al Muhaisni, Saudi

37. Hamed Abdullah Ahmed Al Ali, Kuwaiti

38. Ayman Ahmed Abdulghani Hassanein, Egyptian

39. Assem Abdulmaged Mohamed Madi, Egyptian

40. Yahya Aqeel Salman Aqeel, Egyptian

41. Mohammed Hamada Al-Sayed Ibrahim, Egyptian

42. Abdulrahman Mohammed Shukri Abdulrahman, Egyptian

43. Hussein Mohamed Reza Ibrahim Youssef, Egyptian

44. Ahmed Abdulhafiz Mahmoud Abdulhady, Egyptian

45. Muslim Fouad Tafran, Egyptian

46. Ayman Mahmoud Sadeq Rifat, Egyptian

47. Mohammed Saad Abdulnaim Ahmed, Egyptian

48. Mohammed Saad Abdulmuttalib Abdo Al Razaki, Egyptian

49. Ahmed Fouad Ahmed Jad Beltajy, Egyptian

50. Ahmed Ragab Ragab Soliman, Egyptian

51. Karim Mohammed Mohammed Abdulaziz, Egyptian

52. Ali Zaki Mohammed Ali, Egyptian

53. Naji Ibrahim Al Azouli, Egyptian

54. Shehata Fathi Hafez Mohammed Soliman, Egyptian

55. Mohammed Muharram Fahmi Abu Zeid, Egyptian

56. Amr Abdulnasser Abdulhaq Abdulbari, Egyptian

57. Ali Hassan Ibrahim Abduldhaher, Egyptian

58. Murtadha Majeed Al Sindi, Bahraini

59. Ahmad Al Hassan Al Daski, Bahraini

The full list of designated terrorist entities:

1. Qatar Volunteer Centre, Qatar

2. Doha Apple Company (Internet and Technology Support Company), Qatar

3. Qatar Charity, Qatar

4. Sheikh Eid Al Thani Charity Foundation, Qatar

5. Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services, Qatar

6. Saraya Defend Benghazi, Libya

7. Saraya Al-Ashtar, Bahrain

8. February 14 Coalition, Bahrain

9. The Resistance Brigades, Bahrain

10. Hezbollah Bahrain, Bahrain

11. Saraya Al-Mukhtar, Bahrain

12. Harakat Ahrar Bahrain, Bahrain

* Agence France-Presse, Reuters, Saudi Press Agency and WAM