Yemeni street artist portrays human cost of war

Haifa's Subay's murals in Sanaa focus on the suffering of civilians, especially victims of landmines

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Street artist Haifa Subay is painting murals to help ensure that victims of Yemen's gruelling three-year civil war are not forgotten.

Her latest work, portraying a one-legged casualty of a landmine, is one of many Subay has done in the capital Sanaa during the war, which has killed thousands, driven many more from their homes and wrecked the country's economy.

"This drawing is called 'Just a leg' and it's part of the campaign called 'Silent Victims'," she said.

"This is the sixth artwork of this mural campaign. The murals portray war victims in general, especially the victims of landmines, which are being planted everywhere in Yemen."

Subay has already painted murals to highlight people who have disappeared, the shortages of water, destruction of schools, displacement and the exploitation of schools for military purposes.

She said the mural campaign was aimed at stopping the war between the internationally recognised government, which is backed by a Saudi-led military coalition, and the Iran-backed Houthi movement, which controls the capital.