NHS England seeks proper reward for Covid-19 heroes

Head of NHS England has spoken out over what Labour Party calls "reprehensible" pay offer

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Health workers should "get a proper reward" for their work in fighting the coronavirus pandemic, the head of England's National Health Service said on Tuesday.

The call increases pressure on the government over what the opposition Labour Party calls its "reprehensible" pay offer.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been accused of failing to honour his promise to look after health workers fighting Covid-19 by proposing a 1 per cent pay increase for NHS workers, with some calling on the government to issue a one-off bonus.

Mr Johnson, who was treated in hospital last year when he became severely ill with Covid-19, said on Sunday his government had tried "to give the NHS as much as we possibly can" but would wait to see the conclusion of a pay review.

"I agree with you that coming out of the past year and everything that NHS staff have been through, proper recognition for that is entirely right," Simon Stevens, head of NHS England, told a parliamentary committee.

Mr Stevens said the long-term plan for the health service had budgeted for a pay increase of 2.1 per cent this year, but he agreed with the government to wait to see the recommendation from an independent review body, due to be made to government in May.

Last week, the government set out its plans to help the economy weather the Covid-19 crisis, with Finance Minister Rishi Sunak promising to do "whatever it takes to support the British people and businesses".

One nursing trade union has threatened strike action over the 1 per cent pay rise.

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