Beyond the Headlines: Saving the planet, one kilometre at a time

National Geographic's Enric Sala speaks with The National's Editor-in-Chief Mina Al-Oraibi while in Abu Dhabi for the World Ocean Summit

Enric Sala has a plan to save the planet. National Geographic's explorer-in-residence is in Abu Dhabi for the World Ocean Summit. His one message — that we need to protect 30 per cent of our planet's land and oceans by 2030.

But at a time when it feels overwhelmingly difficult to be positive about the Earth’s future, what can be done to save our habitats?

“Being a conservationist, sometimes it is hard to be optimistic,” he says. But despite the worrying headlines, the plastic in our oceans, the devastating deforestation, all is not yet lost, Sala claims.

“I have seen with my own eyes how nature comes back when we give her some space, both in the oceans and on the land. Right now, we are at a tipping point so it's not too late.”

Listen to the full interview with Mina Al Oraibi, editor-in-chief of The National, on protecting the Earth and its species.

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