India's Modi says G20 to promote 'one-ness' and unity to tackle global challenges

New Delhi assumes the rotating presidency for the first time since the group was formed in 1999

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the G20 Leaders' Summit in Bali, Indonesia, November 16, 2022. EPA
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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that New Delhi will promote a universal sense of "one-ness", focusing on creating harmony and unity to tackle global challenges as it assumes the year-long presidency of G20, the intergovernmental forum of the world’s major economies.

The Group of Twenty comprises 19 countries and the European Union — collectively responsible for 85 per cent of global GDP, 75 per cent of international trade and two thirds of the world population, making it the premier forum for international economic co-operation.

The group addresses major issues related to the global economy, financial stability and climate change mitigation and sustainable development.

Outlining a series of themes under the heading "One Earth, One Family, One Future", Mr Modi said: "Our priorities will focus on healing our 'one Earth', creating harmony within our 'one family' and giving hope for our 'one future' … we will encourage sustainable and environment-friendly lifestyles, based on India's tradition of trusteeship towards nature,” Mr Modi said in his blog.

The Prime Minister further said that India will unite with other economies to act together in fighting challenges such as climate change, terrorism and the pandemic.

Mr Modi also emphasised that India, as the G20 president, will encourage an “honest conversation” among the most powerful countries on mitigating risks posed by weapons of mass destruction and enhancing global security.

He also said that India will seek to depoliticise the global supply of food, fertilisers and medical products, “so that geo-political tensions do not lead to humanitarian crises".

Member countries head the forum on a rotational basis, with New Delhi assuming the presidency for the first time since the group was formed in 1999.

Indonesia, which headed the forum for the past year, symbolically handed over the G20 presidency to Mr Modi at the closing session of the summit in Bali last month.

India will host more than 200 meetings throughout the country over the next year, with the first one in Udaipur in western Rajasthan state later this week.

More than 100 monuments across the country, including Unesco world heritage sites, will be lit up with the G20 logo for a week.

Updated: December 01, 2022, 10:11 AM