UNGA 2022: schedule of which world leaders are speaking and when

A complete guide to who is speaking at the 77th General Assembly in New York

The United Nations General Assembly. This week's event is the first time that those attending will convene in person since the Covid-19 pandemic led to most addresses being delivered by video link. AP
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World leaders will be back in New York this week as they address the world at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly.

It is the first time that those attending will convene in person since the Covid-19 pandemic led to most addresses being delivered by video link.

Numbers have been stripped back, with smaller delegations and fewer journalists given access.

The annual meeting will be held at the UN’s headquarters in New York and top officials will discuss the yearly agenda and global issues. The war in Ukraine is expected to dominate discussions, along with the rising cost of living globally and the energy crisis, both of which have been exacerbated by the war.

The UN’s 193-member states will be provided with a platform and 15 to 20 minutes to address the international community.

As is customary, Brazil's leader Jair Bolsonaro will make the famous first address on Tuesday to begin the proceedings. US President Joe Biden is due to make his address the following day, due to his attendance at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London.

After that will be a quick succession of world leaders over the course of the following six days.

This is the complete updated schedule of countries speaking at the 77th UN General Assembly in New York:

Tuesday, September 20

Morning: Brazil, Senegal, Chile, Jordan, Colombia, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Paraguay, Finland, Switzerland, Slovakia and France.

Afternoon: Honduras, Philippines, Lithuania, Romania, Bolivia, Peru, Marshall Islands, Costa Rica, Seychelles, Argentina, Poland, Guatemala, El Salvador, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Japan, Germany, Morocco and Italy.

Wednesday, September 21

Morning: Nigeria, Iran, Mongolia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Suriname, United States of America, Latvia, Ecuador, Zambia, Madagascar, Libya, Republic of Moldova, Namibia, Slovenia, Kenya, Gabon and Guyana.

Afternoon: Hungary, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Estonia, Ghana, Cabo Verde, Eswatini, Ukraine, Serbia, Monaco, Dominica, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Cuba, Czech Republic, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Palau.

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Thursday, September 22

Morning: Niger, Botswana, Gambia, Yemen, Kiribati, Zimbabwe, Guinea-Bissau, Comoros, Liberia, Somalia, Burundi, Sudan, Israel, Papua New Guinea, Georgia and Norway.

Afternoon: Malawi, Micronesia, South Sudan, United Republic of Tanzania, Uganda, Panama, Portugal, Armenia, Barbados, Ireland, Malta, Kuwait, Spain, Jamaica, Guinea, Austria, and Mexico.

Friday, September 23

Morning: Timor-Leste, Vanuatu, Burkina Faso, Cyprus, State of Palestine, European Union, Fiji, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Solomon Islands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Cambodia, Saint Lucia, Andorra, Belgium, Mauritius, Tonga and Greece.

Afternoon: Antigua and Barbuda, Iraq, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Croatia, Samoa, Montenegro, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Belize, Tuvalu, Maldives, Australia, Equatorial Guinea, Liechtenstein, Togo and Chad.

Saturday, September 24

Morning: Bahamas, Mali, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, North Macedonia, Lesotho, Mozambique, Albania, Holy See, China, Vietnam, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Thailand, Ethiopia, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, India, Sweden, Bulgaria and Egypt.

Afternoon: Azerbaijan, Singapore, Belarus, UAE, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Uzbekistan, Trinidad and Tobago and Iceland.

Monday, September 26

Morning: Syria, Congo, Eritrea, Uruguay, Mauritania, Indonesia, Algeria, Nicaragua, Tunisia, Bhutan, Canada, Cameroon, Nepal, Benin, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Angola, Oman, Djibouti and Nauru.

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