Woman stabs friend's fiancé for not letting them go clubbing

The woman admitted to stabbing the man but said she could not recall the incident because she had been drinking alcohol

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A housemaid stabbed her friend’s fiancé because he refused to let the two women go dancing together.

In February, the Ethiopian accused, 25, and her friend, also from Ethiopia, met the latter’s fiancée in Naif, Dubai, where he lived.

"My fiancée and I were talking next to the building where I live, while the accused stood next to us," the Sudanese man, 40, said.
The man's fiancée told him she and her friend were going to a club but he refused to let her go.

"The two women started chatting in their local dialect and I understood that the accused was telling my fiancée to lie to me and then go to the club with her," he said.
He insisted his fiancée not go with the accused, who responded by insulting him in English.
"I tried to take my fiancée and leave but the accused came at me from behind and, as I turned, she stabbed me in the left side of my chest," he said.
The man fainted and woke up in hospital. It is unclear who called police.
Medical records showed that the knife punctured his lung and the wound could have killed him.
During questioning, the man's fiancée confirmed his version of the story.

During police and prosecution questioning, the accused admitted to stabbing the man but said she could not recall the incident.

"I did not mean to hurt him, I was under the influence of alcohol at the time," she told judges.
Dubai Criminal Court charged the housemaid with attempted murder.
The next hearing is scheduled for July 11.