Woman accused at Dubai court of sexually assaulting and robbing a second man

The unemployed Jordanian woman comes on to men as a distraction before stealing from them, prosecutors allege.

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DUBAI // A 32-year-old woman accused of molesting a man in a lift before robbing him of Dh4,500 is again in court accused of pulling the same stunt on another man.

Unemployed Jordanian SS comes on to men as a distraction before stealing from them, prosecutors allege.

They told Dubai Criminal Court that on December 16 last year she knocked on the car door of Iranian GT, 45, while he was parked on Khalid bin Al Waleed Street, Bur Dubai, and asked him to help her move some items from her nearby flat.

“I went with her and walked towards a nearby building, which she claimed her flat is located at, then took the lift,” he said.

“She pressed on 3rd floor and, as the door closed, she suddenly hugged me, kissed me on the cheeks and touched me while saying that her husband did not love or satisfy her and that she needed men in her life.”

He pushed her away then ran out of the lift as it opened up.

“I returned to my car and shortly after noticed that I no longer had my wallet, which contained US$1,100 (Dh4,040) and Dh6,400 and I immediately realised that the woman robbed me,” said GT, who called police and reported the incident.

The following day police received a similar report from Indian M A, 23, claiming that he was kissed repeatedly in the lift of a building in Bur Dubai by a woman in niqab before she stole his wallet.

On Thursday morning at the criminal court, the woman denied charges of sexual assault and theft relating to the incident with the Iranian.

The last time she was in court she also denied similar charges and said she was a “God-fearing Muslim woman who would never do such an act”.

The Indian man was heading to an office on December 17 when the incident happened and the woman was already in the lift when he entered.

“She was in a face veil and abaya, I got into the lift and the door closed. Then I pressed ‘four’,” said the man.

He said she asked him how he was before she lifted up her face veil and approached him. “She suddenly came closer and hugged me. I pushed her away but she was holding on to me and stuck her body to mine.”

The lift stopped on the fourth floor and, as the man tried to escape her grip to get out of the lift, she pulled him back inside.

“She actually managed to pull me back, then she pressed on floor ‘seven’ and, as the door closed, she started touching me intimately on my private parts,” he said.

He pressed for floor four again but she kissed him repeatedly and touched several body parts before he could break free and run out of the lift.

“When I later checked my wallet, which was in my back pocket, I noticed that Dh4,500 was missing and I realised that she had robbed me,” said M A.

The man called police, who arrested S S, and M A identified her at a police station.

At Thursday’s hearing the woman requested bail but it was denied and the court will issue a verdict on this case on April 9. The next hearing for her other case will be on March 22.