UAE weather: Hot and cloudy start to weekend

Humidity was at 24 per cent in Abu Dhabi and at 31 per cent in Dubai

Temperatures are starting to cool in the UAE. AFP
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The weekend has begun on a hot and hazy note and cloudy conditions are likely to continue.

Humidity in Abu Dhabi was at 24 per cent this morning and at 31 per cent in Dubai.

The temperature in Abu Dhabi was 37°C this morning but felt like 40°C. Dubai was 36°C but felt like 40°C.

Humidity is set to reach 85 per cent in coastal areas today, 75 per cent in internal areas and 65 per cent in mountainous zones.

Moderate sea conditions are expected in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman today. Windy conditions are expected tomorrow and the Sea of Oman may be rough tomorrow night.

According to The National Centre for Meteorology coastal areas will see a temperature range of 28°C to 44°C, internal areas of 27°C to 47°C and mountainous zones will see a range of 25°C to 38°C.


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