UAE traffic: accident in Abu Dhabi leads to tailbacks inbound as far as Sheikh Zayed Bridge

Motorists were advised to use caution

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. November 26, 2014///

Abu Dhabi traffic stock images. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Mona Al Marzooqi/ The National 

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An accident in Abu Dhabi close to the Sea Palace was leading to long delays for motorists coming into the city.

Tailbacks stretched as far back as Sheikh Zayed Bridge. The exit to Salam Street inbound after Maqta Bridge was closed because of the delays.

Road resurfacing is also taking place in the area along with works in the Sheikh Zayed Tunnel, and motorists are advised to use caution.

There were also heavy delays on the  E22 after Mafraq bridge inbound. Motorists were advised to use an alternative route.

Elsewhere in Abu Dhabi, it was busy on the E30 citybound around the Mussaffah area.

It was also slow moving on the E66 in both directions near Al Ain.

The major approaches from Sharjah into Dubai were also clogged with traffic.

Motorists faced delays on the E311 southbound, where an accident close to the National Paints area is leading to long tailbacks.

The traffic on E11 from Safeer Mall was also heavy, going all the way down to the airport.


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