The missed calls that were worth Dh1 million in the National Bonds draw

Take our poll: An Emirati businessman was 'ecstatic' after winning the National Bonds' monthly draw, but it took organisers three days to inform Masoud Talib Al Ali he had won.

Masoud Talib Al Ali, left, receives his Dh1 million cheque from Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, the chief executive, of National Bonds Corporation PJSC.
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DUBAI // Some days, you can’t even give Dh1 million away.

But thanks to the persistence of National Bonds staff, the Emirati businessman Masoud Al Ali is going to have even more to celebrate this National Day.

It took more than three days before Mr Al Ali, who is in the United States, was able to take the call telling him he had won the Dh1m in National Bonds’ monthly draw.

“The first few times I received the call from National Bonds, I was in a meeting,” he said

“Although my secretary told me a CEO was calling, I was unable to answer at the time.

“Later I left the office and my phone’s battery died.”

When the penny dropped, he was ecstatic. He has not yet told his friends but members of his  family were thrilled at the news.

“I still can’t believe I have won,” said Mr Al Ali, who lives in Dubai.

“I have been a bondholder since 2007 and National Bonds has significantly benefited my life by enabling me to build a secure financial future, by helping me to commit to a savings plan.”

He has decided not to make big-spending plans, but to play it safe and think longer term.

“The uncertain economic climate is a big reason to do so,” Mr Al Ali said.

National Bonds is running special promotions to mark National Day and encourage more people to save.