Thank you Khalifa campaign trends on social media

Hundreds of people took to Twitter and Instagram to show their support for the campaign, and for Sheikh Khalifa, at the request of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed.

The President, Sheikh Khalifa. Courtesy of WAM
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DUBAI // Social media networks have been deluged with messages of gratitude to Sheikh Khalifa after the Ruler of Dubai dedicated the anniversary of his accession to thanking the President.

As he has done for the past few years, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, who is also Vice President and Prime Minister, asked the public to mark the anniversary by recognising those in the community who deserve gratitude and attention.

In 2011 it was the nation’s mothers, in 2012 orphans and, last year, labourers. This year Sheikh Mohammed thanked the President for his continuous efforts on behalf of the people of the UAE and those in need all over the world.

“Khalifa bin Zayed is a leader and a role model,” wrote Sheikh Mohammed. “I extend thanks on behalf of the thousands of people who got jobs, thousands of patients who were paid their medical expenses, needy people who were paid their debts and on behalf of the UAE, to which he has given his thoughts, time, life and efforts until it reached global standards, I thank him and call on everyone to thank him.”

Hundreds took to Twitter to show their support for the campaign and for Sheikh Khalifa.

Soon after the announcement, #ThankYouKhalifa was the most trending item on the social network in the UAE, with 25,000 tweets in the first five hours.

“Every #Emirati from every corner of this globe is calling #ThankYouKhalifa,” tweeted @HSajwanization.

“Thank you for providing an exceptional standard of living not only for your countrymen but for us expats too,” said Rashida Haji.

Responding to some of the achievements of Sheikh Khalifa mentioned by Sheikh Mohammed, many people began posting their own examples of the President’s projects.

“#UAE President issues decree granting state citizenship to 930 children of Emirati women married to foreigners,” tweeted @AdnanAlZarooni.

Many said Sheikh Zayed’s spirit was alive and with us thanks to Sheikh Khalifa.

“The dream started with Zayed … and it is still a beautiful ongoing dream with Khalifa … and here we are the happiest people thanks to the blessings of having a virtuous leader,” tweeted @m_alramsy.

“#ThankYouKhalifa. No matter how much we thank you it will never be enough,” Tweeted @Fa6amish.

“I am one of your daughters with determination and the will to overcome challenges,” tweeted Sumaya Al Zarooni, an Emirati artist with physical disabilities.

“I come from a country that has given me every opportunity to live a life of dignity, happiness, and success. #ThankYouKhalifa,” Khalid Al Ameri tweeted.

Thousands of posts went up on Instagram, including videos of children saying thank you to “Baba Khalifa”. A photo was posted from a mountaintop in Europe with the words “Thank You Khalifa” written in Arabic with twigs in the snow.

“Thank you Sheikh Khalifa for being a wonderful leader, we are blessed. You are like a father to us. May you be blessed with good health and long may you live,” the Emirati designer and entrepreneur Bodour Khoory said.

“Thank you our father, our leader, our guardian Khalifa,” tweeted @Al_Dheeb.

“Thank you Baba Khalifa for being the best father, leader and role model. We love you and we are proud to be part of this amazing country under your leadership,” said Hind Hamed.