Student attacked taxi driver because cab’s door was locked, Dubai court told

Emirati MA confessed to an assault charge but denied another of causing Dh500 in damages to the taxi.

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DUBAI // A 22-year-old student attacked a taxi driver because his cab’s door was locked, the Dubai Criminal Court was told.

Emirati MA confessed to an assault charge, but denied another of causing Dh500 in damages to the taxi.

Records stated that at about 10.30pm on February 7 last year, Pakistani taxi driver KH, 40, was at Dragon Mart in International City when MA tried to open his car’s door.

“The car was locked, so I told him to wait until I unlocked it, but he continued pulling the handle so I told him to stop or else he would break it, but he didn’t listen and punched me,” said KH.

MA then started kicking the car before picking up a stick from near a bin. He raised it to strike KH, but was stopped by group of men standing close by.

“I asked him why he hit me, and instead of answering, he started punching and kicking me all over my body,” said KH who fell to the ground.

MA then tried to run away, but KH chased and caught him.

“As I was restraining him waiting for the police, he struck me in the face with his elbow,” said the taxi driver.

Police arrested MA, while KH was taken to Rashid Hospital, where doctors found his shoulder was broken. A medical report said that the taxi driver was left with a 5 per cent permanent disability.

A verdict is expected on August 26.