Soldier sentenced to a year in prison for dangerous driving, evading arrest

Police officer injured attempting to block defendant’s escape

A soldier was sentenced to one year in prison for driving his car into a police officer and then crashing into a patrol vehicle while attempting to evade arrest.

The 30-year-old Emirati solider did not show up at Dubai Criminal Court to face charges of assaulting a police officer and damaging a police car.

Dubai Police officers patrolling the Al Rafaa area were called in on August 21 to help criminal investigation officers from Abu Dhabi arrest the accused.

Court records did not disclose why the man was wanted by Abu Dhabi Police.

“We were told that Abu Dhabi officers had an official arrest warrant and so we headed to the location of the defendant in Dubai,” said an Emirati policeman.

Police blocked the exit when the defendant attempted to escape in his car.

The officer who tried to physically stop the car suffered knee injuries when the man drove into the parked police car, crashed into a patrol car and sped off.Court records did not disclose when the defendant was arrested. The accused was sentenced in his absence.

Published: December 1, 2017 10:23 AM