Sharjah building code: New structures to be earthquake-proof

New regulations have been updated to ensure structures in the emirate are as safe as possible.

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SHARJAH // All new developments in Sharjah must now be built to withstand high winds and earthquakes, after the emirate's building codes and regulations were updated.

Engineer Abdul Aziz Al Mansouri, the assistant director general of engineering and projects at Sharjah Municipality, said the previous codes were good but the changes highlighted the desire to improve services and standards in the engineering sector.

"The shift is being done following the directives of our rulers to ensure the safety of citizens and residents," he said.

Although the emirate is in an area geologists agree is not at risk from earthquakes, officials were keen to ensure structures were strong enough, he added.

Ghaith Abdul Rahman Al Shamsi, the head of building permits at the municipality, said they had already started circulating the new building codes.

He said that all construction, engineering and consulting offices in the emirate have been given copies.

The new codes, Mr Al Shamsi said, were equivalent to the American Universal Building Codes or international construction codes.