Ramadan 2022: Don't let guard down against Covid, top UAE health official says

Dr Farida Al Hosani warns the pandemic is not over yet and people should still follow safety rules

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A top health official in the UAE has encouraged people not to let their guard down against Covid-19 while celebrating Ramadan.

Dr Farida Al Hosani, executive director of infectious diseases at Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre and official spokeswoman for the UAE's health sector, said daily Covid-19 cases have dropped substantially and there is a sense of normality after two years but that does not mean people should become lax about safety measures.

“Covid is still out there, and maintaining safety measures is still very important,” Dr Al Hosani said.

Dr Farida Al Hosani urged people of the need to wear masks inside and avoid crowded places. Photo: National Media Council

“We want to remind you of the precautionary measures, particularly the wearing of face masks in closed spaces and maintaining social distancing. We also advise the public to keep away from crowded areas.

Covid is still out there so wear face masks in closed spaces, maintain social distancing and keep away from crowded areas
Dr Farida Al Hosani

“We know that measures have eased not only in the UAE but the rest of the world however it is important to keep a balance and to continue to adhere to many of the health and safety measures that we have grown accustomed to over the past two years.

“This is important to maintain the current state of stability that we are witnessing.

“We also advise people to continue sanitising their hands and using hand sanitisers. We have noticed that some members of the community have become neglectful with regular hand washing and sanitising. These are simple practices that remain very important for everyone’s safety.”

Dr Farida said residents should avoid crowded areas and must ensure they wear masks properly while shopping.

“During Ramadan, we recommend avoiding visiting family and friends if you have any respiratory symptoms until you are sure that you are Covid-free and have tested negative.”

She said people should self isolate and avoid visiting family and friends or going to the mosque for prayers until they get a negative test result.

“The majority of the elderly are vaccinated and some have had Covid and have recovered but that doesn’t mean that we should be less careful and continue visiting them if we suspect that we have Covid ourselves.”

Dr Al Hosani said people should also follow safety rules at mosques.

“Thankfully now prayers can be done at the mosque which reflects the current state of stability that the country is witnessing but again, it is very important to continue wearing the mask and to bring your own prayer mat as well as maintain social distancing.”

For women going to the Tarawih prayers for the first time in two years, she advised them not to bring their children to the mosque.

Updated: April 07, 2022, 9:08 AM