Police find suitcase full of hashish in car

A taxi controller is arrested with 22.5kg of hashish hidden inside a suitcase on the back seat of a car.

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ABU DHABI // A taxi controller was arrested with 22.5kg of hashish hidden inside a suitcase on the back seat of a car, police said yesterday. Col Maktoum al Sheriefi, the director of the Criminal Investigation Department at Abu Dhabi Police, said the suspect, identified as KET, 32, had been arrested in the Al Shahama district of the capital as he was about to sell the drugs.

The police acted after receiving a tip that KET possessed a huge quantity of hashish which he sold in Abu Dhabi, said Lt Col Sultan al Darmaki, the head of the anti-narcotics department in the capital. A warrant was issued by public prosecutors for the arrest of the suspect, who works in Al Shahama. Police said they recovered 11 pieces of hashish wrapped in plastic. On each packet the words "Beauty of 2008" was written.

When he was questioned, they said, KET confessed to possessing hashish but denied any intention to sell the drugs. He claimed the suitcase belonged to another suspect, identified as JH, who had left it in the vehicle. Police are searching for the second suspect. Earlier this month, Abu Dhabi Police stopped a car and arrested two men with more than 734kg of hashish in 700 plastic packets and covered by livestock fodder. Each packet contained a serial number and the words "original blend".

Police said one of the suspects, identified as LQY, 28, had intended to sell the drugs in Abu Dhabi. Lt Col al Darmaki said LQY's partner was arrested with him. The drugs, estimated to have a street value of Dh7.34 million (US$2m), were believed to be owned by a third person, identified as ADG, 42, who was no longer in the country, police said. rruiz@thenational.ae