Mother pleads guilty to attempting to kill her two children

The defendant also tried to kill herself

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A 24-year-old woman has been accused of attempting to kill her two young children and herself, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Thursday.

The defendant, from Bangladesh, pleaded guilty before the judges and said she does not know what was wrong with her.

On April 21 last year, the defendant attempted to suffocate her two sons, aged 4 and 2, with a pillow.

She then attempted to commit suicide by slitting her left wrest, according to court records.

The defendant’s husband entered the apartment and found his wife lying on the floor with her wrist bleeding. He found his 4-year-old son moving slightly and the 2-year-old child not moving at all.

The husband, also Bangladeshi, called his brother, who rushed to the scene and transported the children and their mother to Rashed Hospital, according to court documents.

A 24-year-old Emirati lieutenant told prosecutors that the criminal investigation department received a report from Rashed Hospital about a woman who intended to kill her children and committ suicide.

“A police team was dispatched to the hospital and found that the woman suffocated both of her children with a pillow. Then, committed a failed suicide attempt,” he said.

The four-year-old child’s medical situation is described to be moderate; however, the two-year-old child has been declared to be brain dead, according to court reports.

“The woman confessed that she attempted to kill her children and herself during questioning,” said the Emirati lieutenant.

A 30-year-old Emirati lieutenant said: “The defendant’s apartment, located in Al Mamzar, was inspected by police officers. Blood spatter marks were found on the pillow, but no knife or a sharp object was found.”

The hearing was adjourned until April 23.