Man denies killing woman saying the two merely fought

The accused was spotted leaving the woman's flat two days before her body was found

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A man has been accused of killing a woman after he was last to be seen leaving her flat, where her body was found.

Dubai Criminal Court on Tuesday heard that the Lebanese man, 40, was spotted leaving the woman’s flat in Motor City by the building’s Egyptian security guard at 3.30am on July 25.

“He was heavily drunk and carrying two plastic carrier bags full of glass bottles, then he fell and broke one of the bottles,” said the witness.

The woman’s body was found two days later by her colleagues who went to check on her after she did not show up at work and wasn’t answering their phone calls.

"We found her on bed in her bedroom. I didn't think she was dead at first but when I saw the blood. I ran out screaming," said one colleague.
Her screams alerted the building's security guards who called police. Investigators found blood stains in the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom but said that the flat was otherwise tidy.
A forensics report revealed that the woman, in her 40s, suffered multiple head injuries and skull fractures. She was hurt on the left side of her face and nose and suffered a cerebral haemorrhage.
Forensic experts deduced that a skull fracture near her forehead was likely caused by her head being repeatedly banged against a hard object.

In court on Tuesday, the accused denied a charge of premeditated murder, saying the two merely fought.
"We fought and she hit me and I hit her," he told judges. The nature of their relationship and the cause of their fight were not disclosed in court records.
The next hearing is scheduled for May 21, when witnesses will be summoned for testimonies.