Man claims 7,200 Tramadol pills were for ‘personal use’ in Abu Dhabi court

The case has been adjourned until December 22 to appoint a defence attorney.

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The Abu Dhabi Appellate Court has deferred the case of an Asian man charged with possessing 7,200 Tramadol pills, which he claims were for personal use, until December 22 until a defence attorney is provided.

The defendant confessed to possession of the pills and submitted a medical prescription to support his claim.

When asked about the large quantity of the pills, he said he decided to buy a three year supply of the medication

The defendant is in the UAE on a work visa.

He brought the pills with him on his way in. He pleaded innocent.

During prior interrogation, the defendant denied any knowledge of the pills and claimed they were planted in his luggage upon his second visit to the UAE.

The Court of First Instance had sentenced him to seven years in prison as well as a Dh50,000 fine, confiscation of the pills and deportation after serving his term.