Man accused of gagging and molesting six-year-old girl, Dubai court hears

The child was on the way to a party in her apartment building when the domestic worker attacked her, prosecution records state.

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DUBAI // A man is accused of molesting a six-year-old girl who was on the way to a party in her apartment building.

Pakistani domestic worker RR, 29, was said to have met the girl on October 18 last year and asked the girl questions about where she lived and what her name was.

Dubai Criminal Court heard that he then saw her again, gagged her and took he to the roof of the building, in Al Rafa, where he allegedly molested her. The man denies a charge of sexual assault.

In prosecution records, the child’s mother said she had sent her daughter to a neighbour’s apartment, where there was a party going on.

“I was preparing myself to follow her when the neighbour’s child came asking about her — I was stunned,” she said. “I told him she is supposed to be there already and he told me she did not come at all.”

The mother ran outside her flat to start looking for her daughter and spotted her standing scared in the corridor.

“She told me that earlier the same day a man saw her and started asking about her name and where she lived then, when she left heading to the apartment, the same man saw her, gagged her and took her to the roof,” said the Indian mother.

The 42-year-old recalled her daughter telling her how the man started kissing her and touching her before molesting her.

“I informed my husband, who found the man and confronted him, but he denied it, saying he did take her to the roof but only to take the blessing of the child, which is a known tradition where he comes from,” said the mother, who took her daughter to a hospital to be checked over before going to police.

Policeman NA, 46, who documented the testimonies of the mother and the alleged attacker said that RR confessed to molesting the girl.

“He told me he was deluded by the devil to do what he had done,” said NA.

RR provided police and prosecution with a written confession. However, in the courtroom on Tuesday morning, he denied the charge.

The next hearing will be on February 2.