Labourer loses appeal against jail term for fracturing colleague’s skull

The attack left the Bangladeshi's colleague with a part of his brain exposed and with a permanent disability.

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DUBAI // A construction worker has lost his appeal against a three-year sentence for fracturing his colleague’s skull, leaving his brain exposed, in a fight five years ago.

Bangladeshi M M, 32, was found guilty of physical assault by Dubai Criminal Court last year and of causing a permanent disability to a person.

When he appeared in court last October, the accused confessed to the charge of assaulting M F M on December 8, 2011.

He told the court that he and M F M had a dispute at work but the supervisor came and ended it.

“A few days later he assaulted me with a solid object while we were in the company’s accommodation,” said the victim, whose age and nationality were not given.

The victim added that he started bleeding from his head and was taken to hospital, where he learnt that he would require long-term treatment.

A report issued last July confirmed that M F M suffers from a 16 per cent permanent disability as a result of the attack, which left him without some of his skull on his forehead, leaving his brain unprotected.

It was not revealed why the case took four years to be referred to court.

The attacker will be deported after completing his jail term, which was upheld by Dubai Court of Appeal on Sunday.