Housemaid accused of sexually molesting five-year-old

The alleged abuse came to light in February

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A housemaid was accused of sexually assaulting her employer’s daughter, five.

Dubai Criminal Court heard how the alleged abuse came to light in February this year after the child touched her mother inappropriately.

Asked why she had behaved that way, the youngster explained it was because the maid had done the same to her.

The Syrian mother, 26, then confronted the maid who allegedly admitted the abuse.

“I was stunned when she [the child] touched me,” said the mother. “I asked her why she did so and she said that the maid did the same to her.

“I talked to her [the child] for a long time to make sure that I understood – it was a shock.

“She [the maid] had worked for us for nearly 18 months and would take care of my two kids because I’m studying medicine and spend long hours away from home,” she said.

After learning of the alleged abuse, the couple called police and the Filipino maid was arrested, the court heard.

She was charged with sexual assault and a verdict in the case is expected on April 21.