Home intruder who threatened to strangle baby is jailed

Dubai court sentences man to prison after he broke into a house and threatened to kill a baby

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A man who broke into a house in Dubai and threatened to kill a woman's baby if she screamed will spend a year in prison.

At around midnight on November 4, an Emirati woman woke up in her father's house in Al Faqa, to see the Bangladeshi man, 26, standing over her. When he saw that she had woken up, signalled for her to keep quiet.
"I spoke to him in Urdu to tell him I have a baby and I asked him to leave," said the woman, 28.
Just before he left, he threatened to strangle her baby if she alerted anyone to his whereabouts.
Her father woke up but the man had escaped through the living room window, leaving behind a finger print that helped police trace and arrest him two days later.
During police questioning, the accused admitted to breaking into the house to burgle it.
At Dubai Criminal Court last month, he admitted charges of attempted theft and trespassing but he denied issuing death threats.
He was sentenced to a year in prison to be followed by deportation.