Heroin in DVD players seized in Abu Dhabi

Police in the capital say an Afghan suspect used DVD players and videos to hide eight kilograms of the drug.

Some of the seized drugs and the electrical goods used to conceal them.
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Police in Abu Dhabi have arrested an Afghan, in possession of eight kilograms of heroin, which was hidden in 51 electrical goods, including DVD players and videos. Sultan Sawayeh Darmaki, head of counter-narcotics at Abu Dhabi Police said the 22-year-old had come into the country on a tourist visa with the intention of selling the drugs. Four kilograms were found in Abu Dhabi and a similar quantity was found in a hotel room, occupied by the accused, in Dubai. Police said that the high value quantity would have been broken down into grams and sold in smaller amounts. The accused, who has admitted the charges, could face life imprisonment, or in the most extreme case, face the death penalty for the crime.

In June, four men were sentenced to death in what court officials called Abu Dhabi's largest heroin case. Also in June, according to a press release from Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, another man charged with drug trafficking in a separate case was sentenced to death. The department did not provide details about the case, but said the man was arrested after selling heroin to an undercover police officer in Sharjah. mswan@thenational.ae