Medics on a cycle ride to nowhere

Lance Armstrong's Livestrong campaign to help increase cancer awareness will come to the UAE with the 100 Mile Cycle to Nowhere event on October 2.

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ABU DHABI // Next month, a herd of cyclists will mount up and start pedalling. And although their stationary bikes will wind up in the same place they started, the riders' efforts will push Lance Armstrong's Livestrong campaign toward its goal of helping increase cancer awareness. The 100 Mile Cycle to Nowhere event on October 2 will mark the Emirates Medical Association's first bid to raise funds for the campaign.

"As a medical organisation we are dedicated to raising awareness about [cancer] through the education of health care professionals and the public," said Dr Ali al Numairy, the president of the Emirates Medical Association. "Livestrong's Global Cancer Awareness Strategy is a grass-roots phenomenon, and we are proud to be the first UAE organisation to sign up to it." Cancer is the second-most common cause of death in the UAE, behind cardiovascular disease, according to Dr al Numairy, causing one of every five deaths.

The global strategy has brought in cancer advocates from more than 50 countries to spread awareness of the disease and to support several government initiatives.