Graffiti vandals in Sharjah face Dh1,000 fine

Residents have complained about offensive writing and political statements on abandoned buildings in the emirate.

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SHARJAH // People caught writing graffiti on walls or illegally distributing leaflets to homes will now face a Dh1,000 fine.

The municipality has started issuing the fines after a series of complaints by residents in order to keep the emirate clean and tidy, said Nada Saeed Al Suwaidi, the director of corporate communications.

Graffiti, either in the form of offensive comments or political statements, is most common on old or abandoned buildings.

"Inspectors have been asked to monitor all building walls, bridges, tunnels and all other public property," said Ms Al Suwaidi. "The distribution of leaflets at gates of villas or apartments has also been banned."

Ms Al Suwaidi appealed to residents to report any graffiti to the municipality on its hotline 993.