Youngest FNC member's Snapchat account hacked

A hacker posted a number of insulting pictures of the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and his mother Sheikha Mouza Al Mesnad.

Saeed Al Remeithi speaks at an Federal National Council meeting. Christopher Pike / The National
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The youngest member of the FNC fell victim to a Snapchat hacker who used his account to insult the Qatari royals.
Saeed Al Remeithi told The National on Wednesday that he reported the incident to the social media company and hopes it "will return soon".
In a broadcast to his 330,000 followers, the hacker seemingly posted inappropriate and insulting pictures of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and his mother, Sheikha Mouza Al Mesnad on Wednesday evening. 
He then ridiculed the Qatar royal family and Qataris more broadly. 
Followers realised the broadcast as not by Mr Al Remeithi, 32, and urged him to return the account.
They also asked him about his identity and nationality, but that remained unclear. 
The hacker further joked about blackmailing the council member and his followers out of hundreds of thousands of euros to return access.
"I wish I had the Emirati passport," the hacker posted.
Zahra Yousef, a regular follower of Mr Al Remeithi, commented to say that "seems the hacker wants to escalate the issue through Saeed's account".
"Saeed always addresses the issue in a disciplined and respectful manner, and this guy is being rude and provocative," he added.
Mr Al Remeithi said he did not want to further "highlight the issue" but said that unfortunately such acts are not uncommon.
He contacted Snapchat directly on Wednesday "and insha'allah the account will return soon," he said