Sheikh Hamdan launches platform to help build a number of key sectors over the next 50 years

Dubai Future Councils, as they are known, will help address future challenges

A platform dedicated to the development of Dubai's key sectors of the future over the next 50 years was launched on Wednesday.

Dubai Future Councils, as they are known, will share knowledge and expertise to help formulate solutions, initiatives and strategies that will address future challenges.

Announced by Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, under the direction of Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Dubai Future Councils are chaired by managing directors of various government departments, where every managing director will oversee the council that falls under their sector.

They will hold meetings to explore the future of key sectors in Dubai, such a labour and media, involving experts and specialists specialised in exploring the future.


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"Dubai Future Councils are leading global network that serves Dubai as an international city, and enhance potentials of success, distinction and accomplishment, as well as cement our abilities and support our efforts to employ it in the service of Dubai citizens and its residents, which will allow us to be pioneer in planing the future of key sectors, and create new sectors that boost our leadership," said Sheikh Hamdan.

Writing on Twitter, Sheikh Hamdan said the Councils are key to developing “the consultancy infrastructure and expertise required to enhance the future prospects of Dubai's strategic sectors and turn creative and successful ideas into reality”.