Dubai's Museum of the Future looks to AI guides and wearable tech

Brightest and best in virtual reality and artificial intelligence are invited to compete for visitor experence

Dubai, UAE, April 1, 2018.  Facade of Museum of the Future.  Juxtaposition of the present and the future separated by thr Dubai Metro along Sheikh Zayed Road.
Victor Besa / The National
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The brains behind of the world’s most exciting new technologies are coming to Dubai.

An invitation has been sent out by the Museum of the Future, whose curators want to determine way to showcase its futuristic installations to visitors.

These include virtual and augmented reality, wearable devices, and ways to use artificial intelligence to interact with guests.

With the backing of Dubai Future Accelerators, the museum will test the ideas of 15 selected companies, flying them to the UAE so they can demonstrate their technologies.

The programme will last six weeks, and is divided into three challenges. Advanced Wearable Devices focuses on sensor devices, while AI Guides and Social Companions, aims to use chatbots to create personalised visitor experiences.

The third and final challenge, VR and AR Experience, wants to let people enjoy the museum where ever they are, but creating what the challenge calls “dynamic interactive experiences".

It is hoped the best ideas will be funded for inclusion in the Museum of Future, currently under construction.

The museum is described as "a platform to demonstrate and test the latest inventions and prototypes, and will host a major event space, a theatre, classrooms, and partnership labs with the most inspiring industry leaders of the 21st century".


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Supported by the already established Dubai Future Accelerators, the new programme will fly in 15 companies, selected from applicants, to Dubai, to demonstrate their technology, develop pilot project proposals, and compete for funded projects that could be integrated into the opening of the Museum of the Future.

Designed to transport visitors deep into the future of the 21st century, Dubai’s Museum of the Future will showcase futuristic technologies and new ways of living currently under development. The Museum will offer people real experiences of futuristic technologies.

Companies interested in the contest can learn more at the museum's website, but they will have to be quick. While the Museum of the Future is currently scheduled to open to the public at the end of 2019, and the closing date for application for the accelerator challenge is the end of this month.

*This story has been changed to clarify the accelerator competition will last six weeks rather than six months