National service recruits out on first weekend leave

National service recruits head home to see their families for the first time since beginning training.

The first Emiratis recruited for national service are enjoying their first break from training, with praise from senior officers ringing in their ears. Wam
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ABU DHABI // The first batch of national service recruits have left their training centres on their first weekend of leave.

After completing their first three weeks of the training, the recruits will be spending Thursday and Friday with their families before returning to training centres on Saturday.

Training supervisors stressed the need for recruits to continue to maintain their to maintain their fitness levels and positive energy.

During a visit to training centres on Thursday, the chairman of the National and Reserve Service Authority Staff Major General Pilot Sheikh Ahmed bin Tahnoun praised the bravery and excellence exhibited by the first batch of recruits.

He said that the efforts and dedication they’ve shown to date are a source of pride to the country and to its wise leadership.

The authority noted that recruits who were given leave on Thursday night were those who joined national service before the deadline.

Other recruits who joined later would continue to receive their basic training until they complete three weeks.

The authority provided transport from training centres to the recruits’ home cities across the UAE.