For Al Ameri, face to face beats Facebook

Ahmed Al Ameri appeals to an older demographic, and takes pride in the steady flow of nationals who meet and greet him daily.

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ABU DHABI // Ahmed Al Ameri has no need for social media when it comes to connecting with nationals.

Mr Al Ameri, who appeals to an older demographic, takes pride in the steady flow of Emiratis who meet him daily, bringing their problems.

Although he has a busy social life, he is less vocal in the FNC.

But he was particularly vocal this year when the fast-tracked national service bill came to the council.

Coming from a military background, Mr Al Ameri quickly show-ed his full support and approval for the bill.

“Every local needs military training to be able to protect the country and themselves,” he said back then.

“It is also in line with the Prophet’s teaching, which told us to teach our children how to ride horses, swim and archery.”

He rightly predicted that the bill would be passed with unusual speed.

Mr Al Ameri is a member of the finance and economy and the health, labour, and social affairs committees.