Coronavirus: UAE sends medical supplies to Kenya, Guinea and Uzbekistan

The Emirates has so far provided more than 442 tonnes of aid to 39 countries

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The UAE sent more than 12 tonnes of medical supplies to Africa and Central Asia on Tuesday.

The equipment will help governments and thousands of healthcare workers in Kenya, Guinea and Uzbekistan to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

To date, the Emirates has provided more than 442 tonnes of aid to nearly 40 countries, supporting an estimated 442,000 medical professionals.

On Tuesday, five tonnes of aid was sent to Uzbekistan and seven tonnes to Guinea. A further, unspecified amount of aid was flown to Kenya.

"The UAE is pleased to deliver the second shipment of medical supplies to aid our partners in Uzbekistan in strengthening their fight against Covid-19," said Saeed Al Qamzi, UAE Ambassador to Uzbekistan.

"The UAE stands with all countries working with determination and bravery to bring an end to this pandemic.”

Ahmed Al-Khaja, UAE Ambassador to the Republic of Guinea, also emphasised the UAE's robust approach to assisting other nations.

"The provision of medical supplies today by the UAE is a symbol of the hand of assistance that we have extended to the world as part of our foreign aid policy that long predates the outbreak of Covid-19," he said.

"Aiding Guinea in its fight against Covid-19 is a task that the UAE treats with the utmost seriousness.”