Career fairs not boosting Emiratisation, FNC members claim

FNC says career fairs have not helped Emiratis find jobs in the private sector.

ABU DHABI // Multimillion-dirham career fairs have proved less than effective in boosting Emiratisation, FNC members claimed on Tuesday.

Members quizzed Abdullah Ghobash, Minister of State, and Humaid Al Qatami, Minister of Education, about steps being taken to recruit more Emiratis to the private sector.

“What results have been accomplished by international career fairs that are being held annually?” asked Mosabeh Al Kitbi (Sharjah).

Last year, six career fairs were held at a cost of Dh100 million.

Mr Al Kitbi said earlier this year that career fairs “do not contribute at all in increasing the Emiratisation rate, and we as locals are shocked in the end that applicants’ CVs were found on the ground”.

“These are not but advertisements for these companies. Employment is not through career fairs.”

Mr Ghobash disagreed, insisting career fairs are effective. He said the banking sector had been attracting more Emiratis every year.

“Many of the fairs that banks hold increase the numbers of Emiratis,” he said. “These figures are available at the Emirates Institute for Banking Training.”

Mr Ghobash also highlighted the role of Tanmia in managing steps and plans to include more Emiratis in the private sector.

Hamad Al Rahoomi (Dubai) said career fairs should be observed and monitored.

Mr Al Rahoomi said companies wanting to take part should be asked how many jobs they had available, and after the fair how many Emiratis they had employed.

But the Minister of State replied: “We are in an open economy in the UAE. We cannot close the door on exhibitors from taking part in career fairs.

“We do not monitor them. The licensing comes locally to them.”

Mr Al Kitbi said that of about 3 million jobs available in the private sector, 800,000 were suitable for Emiratis. But only between 20,000 and 30,000 locals had jobs in private companies.

“My data says the percentage of Emiratisation in the Central Bank does not increase from year to year, and other banks scam their Emiratisation rates,” he said.

“There are 35,000 locals who are jobless. After 10 years those figures will become more scary.”

Mr Al Kitbi said one group should be formed to take care of all Emiratisation issues.

“It would be the official party to receive applications from everyone, conduct research,” he said.

Mr Ghobash said many large enterprises such as Mubadala have their own Emiratisation departments and there was no need for one group to oversee all the activities.

Published: November 19, 2013 04:00 AM


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