Government officials cleared of breaching staff privacy

Three officials were charged with breaching female employees' privacy by installing CCTV at the customer service centre where they worked. The Appeals Court acquitted the men on Wednesday.

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ABU DHABI // Three government officials have been cleared of breaching female employees' privacy by installing CCTV cameras at a customer service centre, the Appeals Court ruled on Wednesday.

A K, the Emirati general director of the authority, M A, the Emirati branch manager, and P, a Lebanese IT expert, were accused by public prosecution of breaching public security and employees’ privacy.

At the Misdemeanour Court, they were cleared of the first charge and convicted of the second.

They were issued suspended jail sentences, and P was sentenced to deportation.

They appealed their verdicts and continued to argue that the customer service centre was a public area and therefore no privacy was breached.

Additionally, the authority’s policies do not entitle its employees to privacy for security reasons.